Ruined by Reading


Posted in Politics by M on January 1, 2009

I’ve been glued to the news lately. If I can collect my thoughts I may write more on this subject, but probably not. I’m angry, frustrated, upset, and saddened by what’s going on in Gaza.

It’s not just the fact that over 300 innocent people have been killed and many more injured, though that’s reason enough to be furious. It’s that it’s gone mostly unnoticed. Many people are aware, but many are not. When the attacks on Mumbai happened, that’s all anyone blogged about or spoke about. That’s all that was on the news for days. The death toll is higher than Mumbai and I have yet to hear any one of my friends, co-workers, or family members say a word. It wasn’t even headlining a lot of the news sites I visit.

My point is not to compare which is worse. I am not saying Mumbai or any of the other well known terrorist attacks are less important than what’s going on in Gaza. But isn’t it interesting what people pick and choose to care about? They do not care about loss of all life. They only care about the loss of certain life.

But what’s going on in Gaza is a terrorist attack. Terrorism of the worst kind. It’s terrorism the world refuses to recognize, terrorism that the world turns a blind eye to. Terrorism that powerful countries support and contribute to.

What happens when you try to say that 9/11 happened due to America’s actions overseas, and could have been avoided? You get called heartless, un-American, a terrorist, sick, etc. The list goes on and on. But what happens when you say the massacre of the Palestinians could have been avoided if they would just stop attacking Israel? Nothing, because that’s the general message here.

I guess to some people, it is acceptable to stay silent and peaceful when others are pushed out of their homes, beaten, raped, killed, tortured, and starved. When you cut off supplies and starve over a million people, what do you expect to happen? Do you expect them to remain silent? Do you expect them to not retaliate with violence, not defend themselves? The world allows Israel to get away with war crimes and crimes against humanity every single day.

This is the only kind of terrorism where the victims and the oppressed are blamed.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by this massacre.


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