Ruined by Reading

The Lost Symbol

Posted in Book Reviews, Fiction by M on October 3, 2009

Title: The Lost Symbol
Author: Dan Brown
Pages: 528
Rating: 2/5

The Lost Symbol follows symbologist (is that a word?) Robert Langdon to DC, where he’s fallen into the trap of a freakishly tattooed psycho who seems to think that the Freemason’s have hidden some ancient mysteries, which is the key to unlocking man’s full hidden potential. The key to this mystery is a pyramid with codes, symbols, and maps hidden on it. Langdon teams up with the CIA and his friends sister – a scientist doing cutting-edge research in the field of Noetics (don’t ask, just google) – to save Langdon’s friend and maybe possibly keep the ancient mystery out of the hands of the weird tattooed guy. (They keep changing their mind on what they’re going to do so I lost track.) Add in some cliche family drama, and plenty of idealistic spiritual hippie-dippy talk, and you have Brown’s latest book.

I finished this book over a week ago, but I’ve been procrastinating on a review. My feelings on this book changed several times while I read it and after. I’ve decided that it was a disappointment.

It was difficult to get into the story, but it was pretty good when the plot really took off and things started to come together in the middle of the book. But eventually it got boring again and the ending was very anti-climatic and it really ruined the whole book for me.

The whole premise of it – a lost treasure inside DC, which is of course full of creepy facts and ancient secrets hidden in its architecture – sounds like National Treasurer. The whole secretive, spiritual concept of the book – that men are divine, gods, or have God inside them – is pretty interesting, but the story built around that wasn’t that interesting at all.

Brown’s strong point has always been that he can tell interesting stories, even though his writing is not so great. The story always distracted me enough from the poor writing, but since the story flopped I definitely took notice of his writing skills in this one. He goes way too heavy with the foreshadowing. It’s almost laughable.

I wanted to like this but I really didn’t. It’s probably worth reading but definitely not worth buying.


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  1. S. Krishna said, on October 7, 2009 at 2:39 am

    I agree with your review. On the surface, it was enjoyable…but as soon as you started thinking about its ridiculousness, blah.

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